Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 84

HeadingArticle Description
84Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof
8401Nuclear reactors; fuel elements...; machinery for isotopic separation
84011000000-00-000Nuclear Reactors
84012000000-00-000Machinery And Apparatus For Isotopic Separation, Parts Thereof
84013000000-00-000Fuel Elements (Cartridges), Non-Irradiated, For Nuclear Reactors
84014000000-00-000Parts Of Nuclear Reactors (Excl. Fuel Elements)
8402Steam... boilers (excl. central heating...); super-heated water boilers
84021100000-00-000Watertube Boilers With A Steam Production >45t/Hour
84021200000-00-000Watertube Boilers With A Steam Production =<45t/Hour
84021900000-00-000Other Vapour Generating Boilers, Nes (Incl. Hybrid Boilers)
84022000000-00-000Super-Heated Water Boilers
84029000000-00-000Parts Of Sheam On Oth.Vapour Genrtng.Boilers & Super-Heated Water Boiles
8403Central heating boilers
84031000000-00-000Central Heating Boilers For Oth.Than Hs Code No-84.02
84039000000-00-000Parts Of Central Heating Boilers
8404Auxiliary plant for use with boilers; condensers for vapour power units
84041000000-00-000Auxiliary Plant For Use With Boilers Of 84.02 Or 84.03
84042000000-00-000Condensers For Steam Or Other Vapour Power Units
84049000000-00-000parts of 8401 to 8404
8405Producer gas or water gas generators; acetylene gas generators, etc
84051000000-00-000Producer Gas Or Water Gas Generators; Acetylene Gas Generators, Etc
84059000000-00-000Parts Of Producer Gas Or Water Gas Generators Etc
8406Steam turbines and other vapour turbines
84061000000-00-000Steam Turbines And Other Vapour Turbines For Marine Propulsion
84068100000-00-000Steam/Other Vapour Turbines (Excl.Marine Propulsion)With Output > 40mw
84068200000-00-000Steam/Other Vapour Turbines (Excl.Marine Propulsion)With Output <=40mw)
84069000000-00-000Parts Of Steam And Other Vapour Turbines
8407Spark-ignition reciprocating/rotary internal combustion piston engines
84071000000-00-000Aircraft Spark-Ignition Piston Engines
84072100000-00-000Outboard Motors For Marine Propulsion Engines
84072900000-00-000Other Marine Propulsion Spark-Ignition Piston Engines (Excl. Outboard)
84073110000-10-000Spark-Ignition Rec.Piston 2-Stroke Engines for 3 Whlr/Auto Rickswah
84073120000-20-000Spark-Ignition Rec.Piston 4-Stroke Engines for 3whlr/Auto Rickshaw
84073190000-90-000Oth. recp. piston Eng.., Cy..Capacity <=50cc (Exlc. 2, 4 Stroke)
84073210000-10-000Two stroke engine for 3 wheeler/auto rickshaw
84073220000-20-000Four Stroke engine for 3 Wheeler/Auto Ricksha
84073290000-90-000Oth.Spark-Ignition..,For Vehicles,Of Cy..Capacity >50 Cc, Not >250c
84073310000-10-000Two Stroke engine 3 wheeler/auto rickshaw
84073320000-20-000Rec.Piston 4 stroke Eng. for 3whlr/Auto Rickshaw
84073390000-90-000Spark-Igni...For Vehicles, Of Cylinder Capacity 250-1000 Cc
84073410000-10-000Bus or Truck engine with inbuilt CNG/LPG mechanismder
84073490000-90-000Cylinder capacity >1,000 cc exlc. Bus or Truck engine with inbuilt CNG mechanism
84079010000-10-000Spark-Ignition Recipro.N/Rotary Intl Combustion Engines For Industrial Use
84079090000-90-000Spark-Ignition Reciprocating/Rotary Intl. Combustion Engines, Nes
8408Compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines (diesel...)
84081000000-00-000Marine propulsion engines
84082010000-10-0002-Stroke Engines For The Propulsio Of Vehecles(3 Wheeler And Auto Rickshaw
84082020000-20-0004-Stroke Engines For The Propulsion Of Vehicles (3 Wheller/Auto Rickshaw)
84082031000-31-000Diesel engine of Bus or Truck with inbuilt CNG/LPG mechanism>=2600cc
84082039000-39-000Other diesel engine>=2600cc
84082090000-90-000Compression-Ignition ... , Other Engines For Vehicles Of Chapter No. 87
84089010000-10-000Diesel Engines of capacity 3 to 45 HP
84089020000-20-000Compre.-Ignition Internal Combustion Pisotn Engi. For Fishing Trawler,Nes
84089090000-90-000Other Engine, Nes
8409Parts suitable for use with engines of 84.07 or 84.08
84091000000-00-000Parts For Aircraft Engines Of 8407.10
84099110000-10-000For Engines of Industrial use and fishing trawler
84099190000-90-000Parts For Spark-Ignition Internal Combustion Engines(Excl.Aircraft),Nes
84099910000-10-000For Engines of Industrial use and fishing trawler
84099990000-90-000Parts For Compression-Ignition Internal Combustion Engines, Nes
8410Hydraulic turbines, water wheels and regulators therefor
84101100000-00-000Hydraulic Turbines And Water Wheels, Of A Power <=1000kw
84101200000-00-000Hydraulic Turbines And Water Wheels, Of A Power 1000-10000kw
84101300000-00-000Hydraulic Turbines And Water Wheels, Of A Power >10mw
84109000000-00-000Parts Of Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels Including Regulators
8411Turbo-jets, turbo-propellers and other gas turbines
84111100000-00-000Turbo-Jets, Of A Thrust =<25kw
84111200000-00-000Turbo-Jets, Of A Thrust >25kw
84112100000-00-000Turbo-Propellers, Of A Power =<1100kw
84112200000-00-000Turbo-Propellers, Of A Power >1100kw
84118100000-00-000Gas Turbines,Of A Power =<5000kw
84118200000-00-000Gas Turbines, Of A Power >5000kw
84119100000-00-000Parts Of Turbo-Jets Or Turbo-Propellers
84119900000-00-000Oth. Parts Of Gas Turbines (Excl. Of Turbo-Jets And Turbo-Propellers)
8412Other engines and motors
84121010000-10-000Reaction Engines (Excl. Turbo-Jet) For Aircraft
84121090000-90-000Reaction Engines (Excl. Turbo-Jet/Aircraft)
84122100000-00-000Hydraulic Power Engines And Motors, Linear Acting (Cylinders)
84122900000-00-000Hydraulic Power Engines And Motors (Excl. Linear Acting)
84123100000-00-000Pneumatic Power Engines And Motors, Linear-Acting (Cylinders)
84123900000-00-000Pneumatic Power Engines And Motors (Excl. Linear Acting)
84128000000-00-000Engines and motors, nes
84129010000-10-000Parts Of Engines And Motors Of 8412.10 To 8412.80 For Aircraft Engines
84129090000-90-000Parts Of Engines And Motors Of 8412.10 To 8412.80, Nes
8413Pumps for liquids; liquid elevators
84131100000-00-000Pumps For Dispensing Fuel Or Lubricants, For Filling-Stations Or Garages
84131900000-00-000Pumps For Liquids, With Or Designed To Be Fitted With A Measuring Device
84132000000-00-000Hand Pumps For Liquids (Excl. Those Of 8413.11 Or .19)
84133000000-00-000Fuel/Lubricating/Cooling-Medium Pumps For Internal Combustion Engines
84134000000-00-000Concrete Pumps
84135000000-00-000Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps
84136000000-00-000Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps
84137000000-00-000Other Centrifugal Pumps
84138100000-00-000Other Liquid Elevatos Pumps
84138200000-00-000Liquid Elevators
84139100000-00-000Parts of Pumps for liq. whts or not fitted with fitted with meas. dev.liquied elev.
84139200000-00-000Parts Of Liquid Elevators
8414Air/vacuum pumps, air/gas compressors and fans;hoods with a fan
84141000000-00-000Vacuum Pumps
84142000000-00-000Hand Or Foot-Operated Air Pumps
84143010000-10-000Compressors For Refrigerating Equipment For Industrial Use
84143020000-20-000Compressors For Refrigerating Equipment For Industrial Use
84143090000-90-000Other Compressors For Refrigerating Equipment, Nes
84144000000-00-000Air Compressors Mounted On A Wheeled Chassis For Towing
84145100000-00-000Table, floor, wall, window, ceiling or roof fans, with a....output not exceeding 125W
84145910000-10-000Venlating exhaust fan with blade rotating diameter of 24 inch or mere
84145920000-20-000Laminar air flow equipment, industrial type
84145990000-90-000Otherv Fans, Nes
84146000000-00-000Hoods Incorporating A Fan Having A Maximum Horizontal Side =<120cm
84148010000-10-000Air Compressors
84148020000-20-000Pumps & Compressors; Hodds With A Fan, Blowers For Use In Piciculture Only
84148030000-30-000Pumps and compressors
8414804*000-4*-000Industrial Type
84148041000-41-000Industrial Type
84148042000-42-000Imported by VAT Registered Domestic Type air Conditioner Manufacturers
84148049000-49-000Compressor Excl Industial and VAT MFG AIRCON
84148090000-90-000Other Air Pumps; Air Or Gas Compressors; Hoods With A Fan, Nes
84149010000-10-000Parts Of Fan
84149020000-20-000Of compressor imported by VAT registered compressor manufacturers
84149090000-90-000Parts Of Air/Vacum Pumps, Of Air/Gas Compressors, Nes
8415Air conditioning machines
84151010000-10-000Requiring more than 200,000 BTU or equivalent
84151020000-20-000Air conditioning machines, with refrigerating unit and valve, nes
84151090000-90-000Window or wall air conditioning machines, self-contained, nes
84158110000-10-000Requiring more than 2,00,000 BTU or equivalent
84158120000-20-000Air handling unit or HVAC system imp by VAT reg pharma ind req >= 2,00,000 BTU
84158130000-30-000A/C Machine > 2,00,000 BTU or equivalent of a kind used for persons, in motor veh. Im
84158190000-90-000Air conditioning machines, with refrigerating unit and valve, nes
84158210000-10-000Requiring more than 2,00,000 BTU or equivalent
84158220000-20-000Air handling unit or HVAC system imp by VAT reg pharma ind req more than 2,00,000 BTU
84158230000-30-000A/C Machine > 2,00,000 BTU or equivalent of a kind used for persons, in motor veh. Im
84158290000-90-000Air conditioning machines, with refrigerating unit, no valve, nes
84158310000-10-000For textile requiring more than 200,000 BTU or equivalent
84158320000-20-000For textile requiring more than 200,000 BTU or equivalent
84158330000-30-000Stability/Humidity chamber imported by pharmaceutical industries
84158390000-90-000Air conditioning machines, without refrigerating unit, nes
84159010000-10-000Indoor or outdoor unit
8416Furnace burners for liquid/solid/gas fuel; mechanical stokers/grates...
84161000000-00-000Furnace Burners For Liquid Fuel
84162000000-00-000Other Furnace Burners For Solid Fuel Or Gas (Incl. Combination Burners)
84163000000-00-000Mechanical Stokers,Including Mechanical Grates,Ash Dischargers And Similar
84169000000-00-000Parts Of Furnace Burners For Liquid/Solid/Gas Fuel; Mechanical Grates...
8417Industrial or laboratory furnaces and ovens (incl. incinerators)
84171000000-00-000Furnaces And Ovens For Roasting, Melting... Of Ores/Pyrites/Metals
84172000000-00-000Bakery Ovens (Incl. Biscuit Ovens)
84178000000-00-000Industrial Or Laboratory Furnaces (Incl. Incinerators)
84179000000-00-000Parts Of Industrial Or Laboratory Furnaces And Ovens
8418Refrigerators, freezers, etc; heat pumps (excl. air conditioners)
84181000000-00-000Combined refrigerator-freezers, fitted with separate external doors
84182100000-00-000Compression-type household refrigerators
84182900000-00-000Household refrigerators, nes
84183000000-00-000Freezers of the chest type, not exceeding 800 L capacity
84184000000-00-000Freezers of the upright type, not exceeding 900 L capacity
84186110000-10-000Indstrl.Refrigeration/Freezing Equipment,Compression Type..Heat Excharger)
84186190000-90-000Oth.Re/Freg.Compres.Type Units Whose Cndnsrs.Are Heat Exchngrs.Ex.Indstrl.
84186910000-10-000Refrigerating Or Freezing Equipment,Heat Pumps, Industrial
84186991000-91-000Freezers of the chest type, exceeding 800 L capacity
84186992000-92-000Freezers of the upright type, exceeding 900 L capacity
84186993000-93-000Freezer or storage box of >2000 L capacity imported by VAT regi. Ice-cream manufa
84186994000-94-000Of compressor imported by VAT registered compressor manufacturers
84186995000-95-000Special type laboratory refrigerator imported by pharmaceutical industries
84186999000-99-000Freezers of the upright type, (Excl.) exceeding 900 L or 800L capacity
84189100000-00-000Furniture Designed To Receive Refrigerating Or Freezing Equipment
84189910000-10-000Parts for imported by VAT registered refrigerator and freezer manufacturers
84189990000-90-000Parts for imported by other than VAT registered refrigerator and freezer manufact
8419Non-domestic heating/cooling equipment, nes; non-electric water heaters
84191100000-00-000Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters
841919**000-**-000Other Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters, Non-Electric, Nes
84191910000-10-000Other Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters, Non-Electric, Nes
84191990000-90-000Other Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters, Non-Electric, Nes
84192000000-00-000Medical, Surgical Or Laboratory Sterilizers
84193100000-00-000Dryers For Agricultural Products
84193200000-00-000Dryers For Wood, Paper Pulp, Paper Or Paperboard
84193900000-00-000Non-Domestic Dryers, Nes
84194010000-10-000Water Distillation Equipment Up To 20 Litres
84194020000-20-000Solar power operated water distillation plant
84194090000-90-000Water Rectifying Plant
84195000000-00-000Heat Exchange Units
84196000000-00-000Machinery For Liquefying Air Or Other Gases
84198100000-00-000Non-Domestic Equipment, For Cooking Or Heating Food
84198900000-00-000Non-Domestic Heating/Cooling Equipment, Nes
84199000000-00-000Parts Of Non-Domestic Heating/Cooling Equipment
8420Calendering or other rolling machines and cylinders therefor
84201000000-00-000Calendering Or Other Rolling Machines (Excl. For Metal/Glass)
84209100000-00-000Cylinders For Calendering Or Other Rolling Machines
84209900000-00-000Parts Of Calendering Or Other Rolling Machines, Nes
8421Centrifuges; filtering/purifying machinery... for liquids or gases
84211100000-00-000Centrifugal Cream Separators
84211200000-00-000Centrifugal Loundry -Dryers Of 1bhp Or More
84211910000-10-000Other Centrifuges,Including Contrifugal Dryers Nes, For Laboratory Use
84211990000-90-000Oth. Centrifuges, incl. Centrifugal dryers; filtering.. Excl.laboratory, industrial type
84212110000-10-000Water Filtering Or Purifying Machines Of Sterilisers For Laboratory Use
84212120000-20-000Domestic type water purifying apparatur and machine.
84212191000-91-000Filtering Or Purifying Machinery & Apparatus To Be Used With Swimm. Pools
84212192000-92-000Water purifying machine (Industrial type)
84212193000-93-000Effluent (waste water) Treatment Plant
84212199000-99-000Other (excl. effluent waste water treatment plant)
84212200000-00-000Machinery And Apparatus For Filtering/Purifying Beverages (Excl. Water)
84212300000-00-000Oil Or Petrol-Filters For Internal Combustion Engines
84212910000-10-000Cartrdg./Membr. filt. imp. by VAT reg. pharma. & water purif. mach./apprts. manf. ind
84212920000-20-000Haemodialyser (Artificial Kidney)
84212990000-90-000Filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for liquids, NES
84213100000-00-000Intake Air Filters For Internal Combustion Engines
84213910000-10-000Catalttic Converter And Diesel Particulate Filter
84213920000-20-000Industrial filter for air or other gases; overhead travelling .. cyclone of industria
84213930000-30-000Leucocyte filter
8421399*000-9*-000Machinery And Apparatus For Filtering Or Purifying Gases, Nes
84213991000-91-000Machinery And Apparatus For Filtering Or Purifying Gases, Nes
84213999000-99-000Machinery And Apparatus For Filtering Or Purifying Gases, Nes
84219100000-00-000Parts Of Centrifuges, Including Centrifugal Dryers
84219900000-00-000Parts Of Machinery... For Filtering/Purifying Liquids Or Gases
8422Dish washing machines; machinery for cleaning..., filling..., aerating
84221100000-00-000Dish Washing Machines, Of The Household Type
84221900000-00-000Other Dish Washing Machines, Of The Industrial Type
84222000000-00-000Machinery For Cleaning Or Drying Bottles Or Other Containers
84223000000-00-000Machinery For Filling,Closing...Etc.Bottles,Cans Etc,& Aerating Drinks
84224000000-00-000Oth.Packing/Wrapping Machinery, (Incl. Heat-Shrink Wrapping Machinery)Nes
84229000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Of 8422.11 To 8422.40
8423Weighing machinery; weighing machine weights of all kinds
84231010000-10-000Personal wt. machines (incl. baby scales), h/hold scales... Neonatal scale with spring
84231090000-90-000Personal wt. Machine .., h/hold scales... Excl. Neonatal scale with spring
84232000000-00-000Scales For Continuous Weighing Of Goods On Conveyors
84233000000-00-000Constant Weight Scales And Scales For Discharging A Predetermined Weight
84238100000-00-000Weighing Machinery, Nes, Of Weighing Capacity =<30kg
84238210000-10-000Weighting Capacity Exceeding 200KG
84238290000-90-000Weighing Machinery,Nes,..Capacity 30-5000kg(Excl.Capacity Excd. 200kg)
84238900000-00-000Weighing Machinery, Nes, Of Weighing Capacity >5000kg
84239000000-00-000Weighing Machine Weights Of All Kinds; Parts Of Weighing Machinery
8424Appliances for spraying...liquids/powder; fire extinguishers, etc
84241000000-00-000Fire Extinguishers, Whether Or Not Charged
84242010000-10-000Spray Guns And Similar Appliances Of Industrial Use
84242020000-20-000Metered valves for inhaler
84242090000-90-000Spray Guns And Similar Appliances (Excl. Of Industrial Use)
84243000000-00-000Steam Or Sand Blasting Machines And Similar Jet Projecting Machines
842441**000-**-000Agricultural or horticultural sprayers Portable sprayers
84244110000-10-000Agricultural or horticultural sprayers Portable sprayers
84244190000-90-000Agricultural or horticultural sprayers Portable sprayers
84244900000-00-000Oth. Agricultural or horticultural sprayers
84248200000-00-000Other appliances Agricultural or horticultural
84248900000-00-000Mechanical Appliances For Projecting/Dispersing/Spraying Liquids/Powders
84249000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery And Apparatus Of 8424.10 To 8424.89
8425Pulley tackle and hoists; winches and capstans; jacks
84251100000-00-000Pulley Tackle And Hoists..., Powered By Electric Motor
84251900000-00-000Pulley Tackle And Hoists..., Nes (Excl. Skip Or Vehicle Hoists)
84253100000-00-000Winches, Capstans, Powered By Electric Motor
84253900000-00-000Winches, Capstans, Nes
84254100000-00-000Built-In Jacking Systems Of A Type Used In Garages
84254200000-00-000Hydraulic Jacks And Vehicle Hoists
84254900000-00-000Jacks And Vehicle Hoists, Nes
8426Derricks; cranes; mobile lifting frames... trucks fitted with a crane
84261100000-00-000Overhead Travelling Cranes On Fixed Support
84261200000-00-000Mobile Lifting Frames On Tyres And Straddle Carriers
84261900000-00-000Transporter Cranes,Gantry Cranes/Bridge Cranes,Overhd Travellng Cranes Nes
84262000000-00-000Tower Cranes
84263000000-00-000Portal Or Pedestal Jib Cranes
84264110000-10-000Works trucks fitted with crane on tyres
84264190000-90-000Other machinery, self propelled
84264900000-00-000Derricks, Cranes, Etc, Nes, Self-Propelled (Excl. On Tyres)
84269100000-00-000Derricks, Cranes, Etc, Nes, Designed For Mounting On Road Vehicles
84269900000-00-000Ships Derricks, Cranes, Etc, Nes
8427Fork-lift trucks; works trucks fitted with lifting/handling equipment
84271000000-00-000Self-Propelled Works Trucks Powered By An Electric Motor
84272000000-00-000Self-Propelled Works Trucks (Excl. Electic)
84279000000-00-000Other Works Trucks Fitted With Lifting Or Handling Equipment, Nes
8428Other lifting, handling,loading or unloading machinery
84281000000-00-000Lifts And Skip Hoists
84282000000-00-000Pneumatic Elevators And Conveyors
84283100000-00-000Continuous-Action Elevators And Conveyors, For Underground Use
84283200000-00-000Continuous-Action Elevators And Conveyors, Bucket Type, Nes
84283300000-00-000Continuous-Action Elevators And Conveyors, Belt Type, Nes
84283900000-00-000Continuous-Action Elevators And Conveyors, Nes
84284000000-00-000Escalators And Moving Walkways
84286000000-00-000Teleferics, Chair-Lifts...; Traction Mechanisms For Funiculars
84289000000-00-000Lifting, Handling, Loading Or Unloading Machinery, Nes
8429Self-propelled bulldozers, angledozers, graders, levellers, etc
84291100000-00-000Self-Propelled Bulldozers And Angledozers, Track Laying
84291900000-00-000Self-Propelled Bulldozers And Angledozers, (Excl. Track Laying)
84292000000-00-000Self-Propelled Graders And Levellers
84293000000-00-000Self-Propelled Scrapers
84294000000-00-000Self-Propelled Tamping Machines And Road-Rollers
84295100000-00-000Self-Propelled Front-End Shovel Loaders
84295200000-00-000Self-Propelled Bulldozers... With A 360o Revolving Superstructure
84295900000-00-000Self-Propelled Bulldozers, Excavators..., Nes
8430Earth moving... machinery, nes; pile-drvers/extractors; snow-ploughs
84301000000-00-000Pile-Drivers And Pile-Extractors
84302000000-00-000Snow-Ploughs And Snow-Blowers
84303100000-00-000Self-Propelled Coal Or Rock Cutters And Tunnelling Machinery
84303900000-00-000Coal Or Rock Cutters And Tunnelling Machinery (Not Self-Propelled)
84304100000-00-000Self-Propelled Boring Or Sinking Machinery
84304900000-00-000Boring Or Sinking Machinery (Not Self-Propelled)
84305000000-00-000Self-Propelled Earth Moving, Grading, Excvating... Machinery, Nes
843061**000-**-000Tamping Or Compacting Machinery, Not Self-Propelled
84306110000-10-000Tamping Or Compacting Machinery, Not Self-Propelled
84306120000-20-000Jet/Cement grouting
84306130000-30-000Soil anchoring/Grounting apparatus
84306190000-90-000Tamping Or Compacting Machinery, Not Self-Propelled
84306900000-00-000Other Earth Moving,Excavating, Extracting... Machinery, Not Self-Propelled
8431Parts suitable for use with the machinery of 84.25 to 84.30
84311000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Of 84.25
84312000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Of 84.27
84313100000-00-000Parts Of Lift, Skip Hoists Or Escalators
84313900000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Of 84.28 (Excl. Lift, Skip Hoists Or Escalators)
84314100000-00-000Buckets, Shovels, Grabs And Grips Of Machinery Of 84.26, 84.29 And 84.30
84314200000-00-000Bulldozer Or Angledozer Blades Of 84.29
84314300000-00-000Parts For Boring Or Sinking Machinery Of Subheading 8430.41 Or 8430.49
84314900000-00-000Parts of machinery of 84.26, 84.29 and 84.30, nes
8432Machinery for soil preparation/cultivation; lawn/sports-ground rollers
84322100000-00-000Disc Harrows
84322900000-00-000Harrows (Excl. Disc Harrows), Scarifiers, Cultivators, Weeders And Hoes
84323100000-00-000Seeders, planters and transplanters No-till direct seeders, planters and transplanter
84323900000-00-000Seeders, planters and transpl Excl. No-till direct seeders, planters and transplanter
84324100000-00-000Manure spreaders and fertiliser distributors Manure spreaders
84324200000-00-000Fertiliser distributors
84328000000-00-000Soil preparation/cultivation machinery; lawn/sports-ground rollers , nes
84329000000-00-000Parts Of Soil Preparation/Cultivation Machinery...
8433Harvesting... machinery; grass/hay mowers; machines for produce, etc
84331100000-00-000Mowers..., Powered, The Cutting Device Rotating In A Horizontal Plane
84331900000-00-000Mowers For Lawns, Parks Or Sports Grounds, Nes
84332000000-00-000Mowers (Incl. Cutter Bars For Tractor Mounting), Nes
84333000000-00-000Haymaking Machinery
84334000000-00-000Straw or fodder balers (incl. pick-up balers)
84335100000-00-000Combine Harvester-Threshers
84335200000-00-000Threshing Machinery For Agricultural Produce, Nes
84335300000-00-000Root Or Tuber Harvesting Machines
843359**000-**-000Harvesting Machinery, Nes
84335910000-10-000Harvesting machinery
84335990000-90-000Harvesting Machinery, Nes
84336000000-00-000Machines For Cleaning, Sorting Or Grading Eggs, Fruit Or Other Produce
84339000000-00-000Parts Of Harvesting... Machinery
8434Milking machines and dairy machinery
84341000000-00-000Milking Machines
84342000000-00-000Dairy Machinery
84349000000-00-000Parts Of Milking Machines And Dairy Machinery
8435Presses, crushers, etc, for making wine, cider, fruit juices, etc
84351000000-00-000Crushing Machinery
84359000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Making Wine, Cider, Fruit Juices, Etc
8436Other agricultural... forestry machinery; poultry incubators/brooders
84361000000-00-000Machinery For Preparing Animal Feeding Stuffs
84362100000-00-000Poultry Incubators And Brooders
84362900000-00-000Other Poultry-Keeping Machinery, Nes
84368000000-00-000Agricultural... Forestry Or Bee-Keeping Machinery, Nes
84369100000-00-000Parts Of Poultry-Keeping Machinery Or Poultry Incubators And Brooders
84369900000-00-000Parts Of Agricultural... Machinery, Nes
8437Machines for cleaning... seed...; milling... machinery
84371000000-00-000Machines For Cleaning/Sorting/Grading Seed, Grain Or Dried Vegetables
84378010000-10-000Rice Huller And Wheat Crusher
84378090000-90-000Other Machinery For Milling Or Working Cereals Or Dried Vegetables
84379010000-10-000Parts For Rice Huller And Wheat Crusher
84379090000-90-000Other Parts Of Milling Etc, Machinery
8438Machinery, nes, for the industrial preparation of food or drink
84381000000-00-000Bakery Machinery And Machinery For Making Macaroni, Spaghetti, Etc
84382000000-00-000Machinery For The Manufacture Of Confectionery, Cocoa Or Chocolate
84383000000-00-000Machinery For Sugar Manufacture
84384000000-00-000Brewery Machinery
84385000000-00-000Machinery For The Preparation Of Meat Or Poultry
84386000000-00-000Machinery For The Preparation Of Fruits, Nuts Or Vegetables
84388000000-00-000Machinery for the preparation or manufacture of food or drink, nes
84389000000-00-000Parts Of Industrial Machinery For Food And Drink Manufacture, Nes
8439Machineryfor making paper pulp or for making or finishing paper...
84391000000-00-000Machinery For Making Pulp Of Fibrous Cellulosic Material
84392000000-00-000Machinery For Making Paper Or Paperboard
84393000000-00-000Machinery For Finishing Paper Or Paperboard
84399100000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Making Pulp Of Fibrous Cellulosic Material
84399900000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Making/Finishing Paper Or Paperboard
8440Book-binding machinery (incl. book-sewing machines)
84401000000-00-000Book-Binding Machinery (Incl. Book-Sewing Machines)
84409000000-00-000Parts Of Book-Binding Machinery
8441Other machinery for making up paper pulp, paper or paperboard, nes
84411000000-00-000Cutting Machines
84412000000-00-000Machines For Making Bags, Sacks Or Envelopes Of Paper Or Paperboard
84413000000-00-000Machines For Making Cartons, Boxes, Etc, Of Paper Or Paperboard
84414000000-00-000Machines For Moulding Articles In Paper Pulp, Paper Or Paperboard
84418000000-00-000Machinery For Making Up Paper Pulp, Paper Or Paperboard, Nes
84419000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Making Up Paper Pulp, Paper Or Paperboard, Nes
8442Machines for type-setting, making printing blocks..; printing components
84423000000-00-000Machinery, apparatus and equipment for pre. or making plates, ..comp. Machiner
84424000000-00-000Parts Of Type-Setting... Machinery
84425010000-10-000Printing Type, Prepared For Printing Purpose
84425020000-20-000PRINTING PLATES
84425090000-90-000Other Printing Type,Blocks,Plates,Cylinders...Other Printing Components
8443Printing machinery; machines for uses ancillary to printing
84431100000-00-000Offset Printing Machinery, Reel Fed
84431200000-00-000Offset printing machinery, sheet fed, office type (using sheets with one side
84431300000-00-000Other offset printing machinery
84431400000-00-000 Letterpress printing machinery, reel fed, excluding flexographic printing
84431500000-00-000 Letterpress printing machinery, other than reel fed, excluding flexographic pr
84431600000-00-000Flexographic printing machinery
84431700000-00-000Gravure printing machinery
84431900000-00-000Other printing components(excl.Offset printing machinery, Letterpress printing
84433100000-00-000Machines which perform two or more of the functions of printing, copying or fa
84433210000-10-000Computer printer
84433290000-90-000Other printer (excl. computer printer)
84433910000-10-000Inkjet printer
84433991000-91-000Copying machine & fax machine
84433999000-99-000Other printing machine,nes
84439100000-00-000Parts & acces.of printing m/c used for print. by means of plates, cylinders an
84439910000-10-000Toner cartridge/Inkjet cartridge
84439920000-20-000Other printer, coping machine and fasimile machine wheater or not combine
84439990000-90-000Parts & accessories other than compuet printer
8444Machines for extruding, drawing... or cutting man-made textile materials
84440000000-00-000Machines For Extruding, Drawing... Or Cutting Man-Made Textile Materials
8445Machines for preparing textile fibres; spinning... machines, etc
84451100000-00-000Carding Machines, For Preparing Textile Fibres
84451200000-00-000Combing Machines, For Preparing Textile Fibres
84451300000-00-000Drawing Or Roving Machines, For Preparing Textiles Fibres
84451900000-00-000Other Machines For Preparing Textile Fibres, Nes
84452000000-00-000Textile Spinning Machines
84453000000-00-000Textile Doubling Or Twisting Machines
84454000000-00-000Textile Winding (Incl. Weft-Winding) Or Reeling Machines
84459000000-00-000Machinery For Producing Or Preparing Textile Yarns, Nes
8446Weaving machines (looms)
84461000000-00-000Weaving Machines For Weaving Fabrics, =<30cm Wide
84462100000-00-000Power Looms For Weaving Fabrics, >30cm Wide, Shuttle Type
84462900000-00-000Weaving Machines For Weaving Fabrics, >30cm Wide, Shuttle Type, Nes
84463000000-00-000Weaving Machines For Weaving Fabrics, >30cm Wide, Shuttleless Type
8447Knitting machines, stitch-bonding machines and those for making lace...
84471100000-00-000Circular Knitting Machines, With Cylinder Diameter =<165mm
84471200000-00-000Circular Knitting Machines, With Cylinder Diameter >165mm
84472000000-00-000Flat Knitting Machines; Stitch-Bonding Machines
84479000000-00-000Machines For Making Gimped Yarn, Tulle, Lace, Embroidery, Trimmings, Etc
8448Machinery auxiliary to that of 84.44, 84.45, 84.46, 84.47; parts
84481100000-00-000Doobies And Jacquards; Card Reducing, Copying... Machines
84481900000-00-000Auxiliary Machinery For Machines Of 84.44, 84.45, 84.46, 84.47
844820**000-**-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 84.44 Or Their Auxiliary Machinery
84482010000-10-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 84.44 Or Their Auxiliary Machinery
84482090000-90-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 84.44 Or Their Auxiliary Machinery
84483100000-00-000Card Clothing
84483200000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines For Preparing Textile Fibres, Nes
84483300000-00-000Spindles, spindle flyers, spinning rings and ring travellers
84483900000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 84.45, Etc, Nes
84484210000-10-000Reeds And Wire Healds, For Loom
84484290000-90-000Other Reeds For Looms Healds And Heald-Frames
84484900000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Weaving Machines (Looms), Nes
84485100000-00-000Sinkers, needles and other articles used in forming stitches
84485900000-00-000Other Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 84.47, Etc, Nes
8449Machinery for the manufacture or finishing of felt or nonwovens
84490000000-00-000Machinery For The Manufacture Or Finishing Of Felt Or Nonwovens
8450Household or laundry-type washing machines (incl. wash and dry)
84501100000-00-000Fully-Automatic Washing Machines, Capacity=<10kg
84501200000-00-000Washing Machines With Built-In Centrifugal Drier, Capacity =<10kg
84501900000-00-000Washing Machines, Nes, Of A Dry Linen Capacity =<10kg
845020**000-**-000Washing Machines, Household/Laundry Type, Capacity >10kg
84502010000-10-000Washing Machines, Household/Laundry Type, Capacity <18kg
84502090000-90-000Washing Machines, Household/Laundry Type, Capacity >10kg
84509000000-00-000Parts Of Household/Laundry-Typewashing Machines
8451Machinery, nes, for washing, cleaning, wringing, drying, ironing, etc
84511000000-00-000Dry-Cleaning Machines
84512100000-00-000Drying Machines, Of A Dry Linen Capacity =<10kg
84512900000-00-000Drying Machines, Of A Dry Linen Capacity >10kg
84513000000-00-000Ironing Machines And Presses (Incl. Fusing Presses)
84514000000-00-000Washing, Bleaching Or Dyeing Machines, Nes
84515000000-00-000Machines For Reeling, Unreeling, Folding, Cutting... Textile Fabrics
84518000000-00-000Machines For Wringing, Dressing, Finishing... Textile Yarns, Fabrics...
84519000000-00-000Parts Of Machines For Cleaning, Drying, Ironing, Etc
8452Sewing machines; furniture, bases and covers; sewing machine needles
84522100000-00-000Automatic Sewing Machines
84522910000-10-000Sewing Machines Of Industrial Type(Excl.Automatic Units) Non Electric
84522990000-90-000Sewing Machines Of Industrial Type (Excl. Automaic Units ) Nes.
84523000000-00-000Sewing Machine Needles
84529010000-10-000Furniture, bases and covers for sewing machines and parts thereof
84529090000-90-000Other parts of sewing machines
8453Machinery for preparing ... leather, for making/repairing footware...
84531000000-00-000Machinery For Preparing, Tanning Or Working Hides, Skins Or Leather
84532000000-00-000Machinery For Making Or Repairing Footwear
84538000000-00-000Machinery For Making/Repairing Articles Of Hides, Skins Or Leather, Nes
84539000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Preparing ... Leather, Making Footware, Etc
8454Converters, ladles, ingot moulds and casting machines
84541000000-00-000Converters Of A Kind Used In Metallurgy Or In Metal Foundries
84542000000-00-000Ingot Moulds, Ladles Used In Metallurgy Or In Metal Foundries
84543000000-00-000Casting Machines Used In Metallurgy Or In Metal Foundries
84549000000-00-000Parts Of Converters, Ladles... Casting Machines
8455Metal-rolling mills and rolls therefor
84551000000-00-000Tube Mills
84552100000-00-000Hot Or Combination Hot And Cold Metal-Rolling Mills
84552200000-00-000Cold Metal-Rolling Mills
84553000000-00-000Rolls For Rolling Mills
84559000000-00-000Parts Of Metal-Rolling Mills (Excl. Rolls)
8456Machine-tools for working material by laser/light/photon beam, etc
84561100000-00-000Operated by laser or other light or photon beam processes,Operated by laser
84561200000-00-000Operated by laser or other light or photon beam processes , Oper by other light or ph
84562000000-00-000Machine-Tools Operated By Ultrasonic Processes
84563000000-00-000Machine-Tools Operated By Electro-Discharge Processes
84564000000-00-000Operated by plasma arc processes
84565000000-00-000Water-jet cutting machines
84569000000-00-000Other m/c-tools(excl. laser or other light or photon beam, ultra-sonic, electr
8457Machining centres, unit construction machines, etc, for working metal
84571000000-00-000Machining Centres For Working Metal
84572000000-00-000Unit Contruction Machines (Single Station) For Working Metal
84573000000-00-000Multi-Station Transfer Machines For Working Metal
8458Lathes for removing metal
84581100000-00-000Horizontal Lathes For Removing Metal, Numerically Controlled
84581900000-00-000Horizontal Lathes For Removing Metal (Excl. Numerically Controlled)
84589100000-00-000Other Lathes For Removing Metal, Nes, Numerically Controlled
84589900000-00-000Other Lathes For Removing Metal, Nes (Excl. Numerically Controlled)
8459Machine-tools for drilling, boring, milling... by removing metal
84591000000-00-000Way-Type Unit Head Machines For Drilling, Boring... By Removing Metal
84592100000-00-000Drilling Machines For Removing Metal, Numerically Controlled, Nes
84592900000-00-000Drilling Machines For Removing Metal, Nes
84593100000-00-000Boring-Milling Machines For Metal, Numerically Controlled, Nes
84593900000-00-000Boring-Milling Machines For Metal, Nes
84594100000-00-000Other boring machines Numerically controlled
84594900000-00-000Numerically controlled, nes
84595100000-00-000Milling Machines, Knee-Type, For Metal, Numerically Controlled
84595900000-00-000Milling Machines, Knee-Type, For Metal (Excl. Numerically Controlled)
84596100000-00-000Other Milling Machines For Metal, Numerically Controlled (Excl. Knee-Type)
84596900000-00-000Other Milling Machines For Metal, Nes
84597000000-00-000Threading Or Tapping Machines For Metal, Worked By Removing Metal, Nes
8460Machine-tools for deburring, sharpening, grinding, honing, etc, metal
84601200000-00-000Flat-surface grinding machines Numerically controlled
84601900000-00-000Flat-Surface Grinding Machines, 0.01mm Accuracy, Nes
84602200000-00-000Centreless grinding machines, numerically controlled
84602300000-00-000Other cylindrical grinding machines, numerically controlled
84602400000-00-000Other, numerically controlled
84602900000-00-000Grinding Machines, Nes, Accurate To 0.01mm
84603100000-00-000Sharpening (Tool Or Cutter Grinding) Machines, Numerically Controlled
84603900000-00-000Sharpening (Tool Or Cutter Grinding) Machines, Nes
84604000000-00-000Honing Or Lapping Machines, For Working Metal
84609000000-00-000Other Machines For Deburring, Grinding, Polishing, Etc, Metal, Nes
8461Machine-tools for planing, shaping, slotting, broaching ... metal, nes
84612000000-00-000Shaping Or Slotting Machines For Working Metal Or Cermets
84613000000-00-000Broaching Machines For Working Metal Or Cermets
84614000000-00-000Gear Cutting/Grinding/Finishing Machines For Working Metal Or Cermets
84615000000-00-000Sawing Or Cutting-Off Machines For Working Metal Or Cermets
84619000000-00-000Other Machine Tools Working By Removing Metal Or Cermets,Nes
8462Machine-tools (incl. presses) for working metal by forging, etc
84621000000-00-000Forging Or Die-Stamping Machines (Incl. Presses) And Hammers
84622100000-00-000Bending, Folding... Machines (Incl. Presses), Numerically Controlled
84622900000-00-000Bending, Folding, Straightening Or Flattening Machines (Incl. Presses)
84623100000-00-000Shearing Machines (Incl. Presses), Numerically Controlled
84623900000-00-000Shearing Machines (Incl. Presses), Nes
84624100000-00-000Punching Or Notching Machines (Incl. Presses), Numerically Controlled
84624900000-00-000Punching Or Notching Machines (Incl. Presses), Nes
84629100000-00-000Hydraulic Presses For Working Metals Or Metal Carbides
84629900000-00-000Presses (excl. hydraulic) for working metals or metal carbides
8463Other machine-tools for working metal, sintered metal carbides...
84631000000-00-000Draw-Benches For Bars, Tubes, Profiles Or The Like
84632000000-00-000Thread Rolling Machines For Working Metal, Without Removing Material
84633000000-00-000Machines For Working Wire, Without Removing Material
84639000000-00-000Other Machine-Tools For Working Metal, Without Removing Material, Nes
8464Machine-tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, etc
84641000000-00-000Sawing Machines, For Workingstone, Ceramics, Concrete, Etc
84642000000-00-000Grinding Or Polishing Machines, For Working Stone, Ceramics, Etc
84649000000-00-000Machine-Tools For Working Stone, Ceramics, Concrete, Etc
8465Machine-tools for working wood, cork, bone, hard rubber, etc
84651000000-00-000Machines Which Can Change Operation Without Changing Tools
84652000000-00-000Machining centres
84659100000-00-000Sawing Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Hard Rubber, Etc
84659200000-00-000Planing, Milling Or Moulding Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Etc
84659300000-00-000Grinding, Sanding Or Polishing Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Etc
84659400000-00-000Bending Or Assembling Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Etc
84659500000-00-000Drilling Or Morticing Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Etc
84659600000-00-000Splitting, Slicing Or Paring Machines For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Etc
84659900000-00-000Other Machine-Tools, Nes, For Working Wood, Cork, Bone, Hard Rubber, Etc
8466Parts and accessories for machines of 84.56 to 84.65; tool holders
84661000000-00-000Tool Holders And Self-Opening Dieheads
84662000000-00-000Work Holders For Machine-Tools
84663000000-00-000Dividing Heads And Other Special Attachments For Machine-Tools
84669100000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Machines Of 84.64
84669200000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Machines Of 84.65
84669300000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Machines Of 84.56 To 84.61
84669400000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Machines Of 84.62 To 84.63
8467Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic or with non-electric motor
84671100000-00-000Pneumatic Tools, Rotary Type, For Working In The Hand
84671900000-00-000Pneumatic Tools (Excl. Rotary Type), For Working In The Hand
84678100000-00-000Chain Saws With Non-Electric Motor
84678900000-00-000Tools for working in the hand, with non-electric motor, nes
84679100000-00-000Parts Of Chain Saws
84679200000-00-000Parts Of Pneumatic Tools
84679900000-00-000Parts Of Hand-Tools, With Non-Electric Motor, Nes
8468Machinery and apparatus for soldering, brazing or welding
84681000000-00-000Hand-Held Blow Pipes For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding
84682000000-00-000Gas-Operated Machinery And Apparatus, For Soldering, Brazing...
84688000000-00-000Machinery And Apparatus For Soldering, Brazing Or Welding, Nes
84689000000-00-000Parts Of Soldering, Brazing Or Welding Machinery And Apparatus
8469Typewriters and word-processing machines
8470Calculating machines; accounting machines, cash registers, etc
84701000000-00-000Electronic calculators capable of operation ... machines with calculating functions
84702100000-00-000Electronic Calculating Machines, Nes, With A Printing Device
84702900000-00-000Electronic Calculating Machines, Nes, Without A Printing Device
84703000000-00-000Calculating Machines (Excl. Electronic)
84705000000-00-000Cash Registers
84709000000-00-000Postage-Franking Machines, Ticket-Issuing Machines, Etc
8471Automatic data processing machines...; magnetic readers..., nes
84713000000-00-000Portable Digital Adp Machines,Wt<=10 Kg,Comp.At Least Cpu,Keyboard&Display
84714100000-00-000Nonportable Adp Machines,Comprisng At Least Cpu & I/O Unit In Same Housing
84714900000-00-000Non-Portable Adp Machines, Nes, Presented In The Form Of Systems
84715000000-00-000Processing units other than those of subheading 8471.41 or 8471.49, whether or
847160**000-**-000Adp Input/Output Units Whether/Not Containg. Storage Units In Same Housing
84716010000-10-000Adp Input/Output Units Whether/Not Containg. Storage Units In Same Housing
84716090000-90-000Adp Input/Output Units Whether/Not Containg. Storage Units In Same Housing
84717000000-00-000Automatic Data Processing Machine Storage Units
84718000000-00-000Other Units Of Automatic Data Processing Machines Nes
84719000000-00-000Magnetic or optical readers; machines for transcribing data onto data media...nes
8472Other office machines (incl. hectograph... duplicating machines...)
84721000000-00-000Hectograph Or Stencil Duplicating Machines
84723000000-00-000Machines For Dealing With Mail
847290**000-**-000Office machines (incl. coin-sorting/counting/wrapping machines...) , nes
84729010000-10-000Office machines (incl. coin-sorting/counting/wrapping machines...) , nes
84729090000-90-000Office machines (incl. coin-sorting/counting/wrapping machines...) , nes
8473Parts and accessories suitable for machines of 84.69 to 84.72
84732100000-00-000Parts & Accessor. Of The Electronic Calculating Of 8470.10,8470.21,8470.29
84732900000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of 8470.30 To 8470.90
84733000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of The Machines Of 84.71
84734000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of The Machines Of 84.72
84735000000-00-000Parts/acss equally suitable for use with the mach of >2= of hdgs 84.70 to 84.72
8474Machinery for sorting..., agglomerating... earth, stone, ores, etc
84741000000-00-000Sorting, Screening, Separating Or Washing Machines For Earth, Stone...
84742000000-00-000Crushing Or Grinding Machines For Earth, Stone, Ores, Etc
84743100000-00-000Concrete Or Mortar Mixers
84743200000-00-000Machines For Mixing Mineral Substances With Bitumen
84743900000-00-000Mixing Or Kneading Machines For Earth, Stone, Ores, Etc
84748000000-00-000Other Machinery For Earth, Stone, Ores, Etc, Nes
84749000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Of 84.74
8475Machines for assembling electric lamps, tubes...; hot working glassware
84751000000-00-000Machines For Assembling Electric Lamps, Tubes... In Glass Envelopes
84752100000-00-000Machines For Making Optical Fibres And Preforms Thereof
84752900000-00-000Machines For Manufacturing/Hot Working Glass/Glassware(Exc.Optical Fibres)
84759000000-00-000Parts Of Machines Of 84.75
8476Automatic goods-vending machines (incl. money-changing machines)
84762100000-00-000Automatic Beverage-Vending Machines, With Heating Or Refrigerating Devices
84762900000-00-000Automatic Beverage-Vending Machines,Without Heating/Refrigerating Devices
84768100000-00-000Automatic Vending Machines Wth Heatng/Refrigertng Devices(Exc.Bev.Machines
84768900000-00-000Automatic Vending Machines Without Heating/Refrigerating Devices,Nes
84769000000-00-000Parts For Automatic Goods-Vending Machines
8477Machinery for working rubber/plastics or making products thereof,nes
84771000000-00-000Injection-Moulding Machines For Working Rubber Or Plastics, Etc
84772000000-00-000Extruders For Working Rubber Or Plastics And Making Products Thereof
84773000000-00-000Blow Moulding Machines For Working Rubber Or Plastics, Etc
84774000000-00-000Vacuum Moulding Machines And Other Thermoforming Machines For Rubber...
84775100000-00-000Machinery For Moulding Or Retreading Pneumatic Tyres...
84775900000-00-000Machinery For Moulding Or Forming Rubber Or Plastics, Etc, Nes
84778000000-00-000Other Machinery For Working Rubber/Plastics Or Making Products Thereof,Nes
84779000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery For Working Rubber Or Plastics, Etc
8478Machinery for preparing or making up tobacco, nes
84781000000-00-000Machinery For Preparing Or Making Up Tobacco, Nes
84789000000-00-000Parts Of Machinery Preparing Or Making Up Tobacco
8479Machines and mechanical appliances, having individual functions, nes
84791000000-00-000Machinery For Public Works, Building..., Having Individual Functions
84792000000-00-000Machinery For The Extraction/Preparation Of Animal/Vegetable Fats Or Oil
84793000000-00-000Machinery For Treating Wood Or Cork, Having Individual Functions
84794000000-00-000Rope Or Cable-Making Machines
84795000000-00-000Industrial Robots, Nes
84796000000-00-000Evaporative Air Coolers
84797100000-00-000Passenger boarding bridges of a kind used in airports
84797900000-00-000Other Passenger boarding bridges:
84798100000-00-000Machines For Treatng Metal,Inc.Elec.Wire Coilwinders,Individual Functions
84798200000-00-000Machines For Mixing,Kneading,Crushing,Grinding,Having Individual Functions
84798900000-00-000Machines, having individual functions, nes
84799000000-00-000Parts Of Machines Having Individual Functions Of Hs Heading 8479
8480Moulding boxes for metal foundry; mould bases/patterns... for metal, etc
84801000000-00-000Moulding Boxes For Metal Foundry
84802000000-00-000Mould Bases
84803000000-00-000Moulding Patterns
84804100000-00-000Injection Or Compression Type Moulds For Metal Or Metal Carbides
84804900000-00-000Moulds For Metal Or Metal Carbides (Excl. Injection Or Compression)
84805000000-00-000Moulds For Glass
84806000000-00-000Moulds For Mineral Materials
84807100000-00-000Injection Or Compression Type Moulds For Rubber Or Plastics
84807900000-00-000Moulds For Rubber Or Plastics (Excl. Injection Of Compression)
8481Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells...
84811011000-11-000Pressure-reducing valves,... not exceeding 1 inch Pressure regulator/valve for LPG
84811019000-19-000Pressure-reducing valves,... not exceed 1 inch, Excl. Press. regulator/valve for LPG
84811090000-90-000Exclu. Inner Diameter not exceeding 1 inch
84812010000-10-000Valves for oleohydraulic or pneumatic transmission, inner diameter not exceeding 1 inch
84812090000-90-000Valves for oleohydraulic or pneumatic transmissions,Excl.Inner diameter not excee. 1 inc
8481301*000-1*-000Check (nonreturn) valves, inner diameter <= 1 inch.
84813011000-11-000Check (nonreturn) valves, inner diameter <= 1 inch.
84813019000-19-000Check (nonreturn) valves, inner diameter <= 1 inch.
84813090000-90-000Check (nonreturn) valves, Excl. Inner Diameter <= 1 inch.
84814011000-11-000Safety or relief valves, Inner diameter <= 1 inch., Safety or relief valve for LPG
84814019000-19-000Safety or relief valves, Inner dia. <= 1 inch., Excl. Safety or relief valve for LPG
84814090000-90-000Safety or relief valves, Excl. diameter <= 1 Inch
84818010000-10-000Inner-Tube Valves For motorized or non-motorized vehicles
8481802*000-2*-000Inner diameter not exceeding 1 inch
84818021000-21-000Hand diaphragm valve
84818029000-29-000Hand diaphragm valve
84818090000-90-000Inner Diameter <1 inch,nes
84819010000-10-000Parts of taps and cocks
84819090000-90-000Parts of taps and cocks, NES
8482Ball or roller bearings
84821000000-00-000Ball Bearings
84822000000-00-000Tapered Roller Bearings, Including Cone And Tapered Roller Assemblies
84823000000-00-000Spherical Roller Bearings
84824000000-00-000Needle Roller Bearings
84825000000-00-000Other Cylindrical Roller Bearings (Excl. Needle)
84828000000-00-000Ball Or Roller Bearings (Incl. Combined Ball/Roller Bearings), Nes
84829100000-00-000Balls, Needles And Rollers
84829900000-00-000Parts Of Ball Or Roller Bearings (Excl. Balls, Needles And Rollers)
8483Transmission shafts and cranks; bearing housings; gears...; flywheels...
84831000000-00-000Transmission shafts (incl. cam and crank shafts) and cranks
84832000000-00-000Bearing housings, incorporating ball or roller bearings
84833000000-00-000Bearing Housings, Nes; Plain Shaft Bearings
84834000000-00-000Gears and gearing; ball or roller screws; gear boxes and other speed changers...
84835000000-00-000Flywheels And Pulleys (Incl. Pulley Blocks)
84836000000-00-000Clutches And Shaft Couplings (Incl. Universal Joints)
84839000000-00-000Parts Of Transmission Shafts, Cranks, Bearing Housings, Gears, Etc
8484Gaskets and similar joints, combined; sets or assortments thereof
84841000000-00-000Gaskets... Of Metal Combined With Other Materials Or >1 Metal Layer
84842000000-00-000Mechanical Seals
84849000000-00-000Sets Or Assortments Of Gaskets And Similar Joints
8485Machinery parts, not containing electrical connectors..., nes
8486Machine and apparatus of a kind used solely or ...for the manu. os semiconductor
84861000000-00-000Machines and apparatus for the manufacture of boules or wafers
84862000000-00-000Machines & apparatus for the mfg.of semiconductor dev. or of electronic integr
84863000000-00-000Machines and apparatus for the manufacture of flat panel displays
84864000000-00-000Machines and apparatus specified in Note 9 (C) to this Chapter
84869000000-00-000Parts and accessories
8487Machinery parts, not containing electrial connector, insulator, coils..contacts or other
84871000000-00-000 Ships' or boats' propellers and blades therefore
84879000000-00-000 Machinery Parts other than ships' or boats' propellers and blades therefore