Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 92

HeadingArticle Description
92Musical instruments; parts and accessories of such articles
9201Pianos; harpsichords and other keyboard stringed instruments
92011000000-00-000Upright Pianos
92012000000-00-000Grand Pianos
92019000000-00-000Other Automatic Pianos, Harpsichords And Other Keyboard Instruments, Nes
9202Other string musical instruments (eg guitars, violins, harps)
92021000000-00-000String Musical Instruments Played With A Bow
92029000000-00-000Other String Musical Instruments, Nes
9203Keyboard pipe organs; harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments
9204Accordions and similar instruments; mouth organs
9205Other wind musical instruments (eg clarinet, trumpets, bag pipes)
92051000000-00-000Wind musical instruments, Brass-wind instruments
92059000000-00-000Wind musical instruments, (EXCL. Brass-wind instruments)
9206Percussion musical instruments (eg drums, xylophones,cymbals, etc)
92060000000-00-000Percussion Musical Instruments (Eg Drums, Xylophones, Cymbals, Etc)
9207Musical instruments with electrically produced or amplified sound
92071000000-00-000Keybrd.Instrmnts.With Elec.Produced Or Amplified Sound Oth.Than Accordions
92079000000-00-000Oth.Musical Instruments,Nes,With Electrically Produced Or Amplified Sound
9208Musical boxes, fairground organs, etc; decoy calls and whistles
92081000000-00-000Musical Boxes
92089000000-00-000Fairground Organs, Etc; Decoy Calls Of All Kinds; Whistles, Etc
9209Parts and accessories for musical instruments; metronomes, etc
92093000000-00-000Musical Instrument Strings
92099100000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Pianos
92099200000-00-000Parts And Accessories For The Musical Instruments Of 92.02
92099400000-00-000Parts And Accessories For The Musical Instruments Of 92.07
92099900000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Other Musical Instruments, Nes