Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 90

HeadingArticle Description
90Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories thereof
9001Optical fibres and cables; polarising material; lenses, etc, unmounted
90012000000-00-000Sheets And Plates Of Polarising Material, Unmounted
90013000000-00-000Contact Lenses
90014000000-00-000Spectacle Lenses Of Glass
90015000000-00-000Spectacle Lenses (Excl. Of Glass)
90019010000-10-000Blanks And Demos Of Plastic
90019090000-90-000Oth. Prisms, Mirrors And Other Optical Elements, Unmounted, Nes
9002Lenses, prisms, mirrors and other optical elements, mounted, nes
90021100000-00-000Mounted Objective Lenses, Of Any Material, For Cameras, Projectors, Etc
90021900000-00-000Mounted Objective Lenses, Of Any Material, Nes
90022000000-00-000Mounted Filters, Of Any Material
90029000000-00-000Oth. Mounted Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, Etc, Of Any Material, Nes
9003Frames and mountings for spectacles, goggles, etc, and parts thereof
90031100000-00-000Frames And Mountings For Spectacles, Goggles Or The Like, Of Plastics, TV
90031900000-00-000Frames And Mountings For Spectacles, Goggles Or The Like, Nes, TV
90039000000-00-000Other Parts Of Frames And Mountings For Spectacles, Goggles Or The Like
9004Spectacles, goggles and the like, corrective, protective or other
90041000000-00-000Sunglasses, TV
90049000000-00-000Spectacles, Goggles And The Like (Excl. Sunglasses), TV
9005Binoculars, monoculars..., etc; other astronomical instruments...
90058000000-00-000Other Instruments (Excl. Binoculars) Such As Optical Telescopes
90059000000-00-000Parts And Accessories (Incl. Mountings) Of Binoculars, Etc
9006Photographic (not cine-) cameras; photographic flashlight apparatus...
90063000000-00-000Cameras For Underwater Use, For Aerial Survey, For Medical Purposes...
90064000000-00-000Instant Print Cameras
90065100000-00-000Cameras With A Through-The-Lens Viewfinder (Slr), Taking =<35mm Film
90065200000-00-000Cameras, Nes, Taking <35mm Roll Film
90065300000-00-000Cameras, Nes, Taking 35mm Roll Film
90065900000-00-000Cameras,Nes (Not Cine-)
90066100000-00-000Discharge Lamp (Electronic) Flashlight Apparatus
90066900000-00-000Photographic Flashlight Apparatus, Nes
90069100000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Cameras (Not Cine-)
90069900000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Photographic Flashlight Apparatus
9007Cinematographic cameras and projectors
90071010000-10-000Cameras For film of less than 16 mm width or for double-8 mm film:
90071090000-90-000Cameras (Other than For film of less than 16 mm width or for double-8 mm film)
90072010000-10-000Other Of Film Less Than 16mm
90072090000-90-000Other Cinematographic Projectors Nes.
90079100000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Cinematographic Cameras
90079200000-00-000Parts And Accessories For Cinematographic Projectors
9008Image projectors (excl. cine-); photographic enlargers and reducers
90085000000-00-000Projectors, enlargers and reducers
90089000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Image Projectors, Photo Enlargers/Reducers
9009Photocopying apparatus
9010Apparatus and equipment for photographic laboratories, nes
90101000000-00-000Apparatus And Equipment For Automatically Developing Photographic Film
90105000000-00-000Oth Apparatus & Equipment For Photographic(& Cinema.)Labs,Nes;Negatoscopes
90106000000-00-000Projection Screens
90109000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Photo-Laboratory Apparatus Of 90.10
9011Compound optical microscopes
90111000000-00-000Stereoscopic Microscopes
90112000000-00-000Optical Microscopes, For Microphotography... Or Microprojection
90118000000-00-000Other Optical Microscopes, Nes
90119000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Optical Microscopes Of 90.11
9012Microscopes, other than optical microscopes; diffraction apparatus
90121000000-00-000Microscopes (Excl. Optical Microscopes) And Diffraction Apparatus
90129000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Microscopes And Diffraction Apparatus Of 90.12
9013Liquid crystal devices; lasers; optical appliances, etc, nes
90131000000-00-000Telescopic Sights For Fitting To Arms; Periscopes, Etc
90132000000-00-000Lasers, Other Than Laser Diodes
901380**000-**-000Optical devices, appliances and instruments, nes
90138010000-10-000Optical devices, appliances and instruments, nes
90138090000-90-000Optical devices, appliances and instruments, nes
901390**000-**-000Parts And Accessories Of Lasers And Optical Devices, Nes, Of 90.13
90139010000-10-000Parts And Accessories Of Lasers And Optical Devices, Nes, Of 90.13
90139090000-90-000Parts And Accessories Of Lasers And Optical Devices, Nes, Of 90.13
9014Direction finding compasses; navigational instruments/appliances, nes
90141000000-00-000Direction Finding Compasses
90142000000-00-000Instruments/Apparatus For Aeronautical/Space Navigation (Excl Compasses)
901480**000-**-000Instruments And Apparatus For Navigation, Nes
90148010000-10-000Instruments And Apparatus For Navigation, Nes
90148090000-90-000Instruments And Apparatus For Navigation, Nes
90149000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Instruments And Apparatus For Navigation
9015Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic... instruments/appliances, nes
90152000000-00-000Theodolites And Tacheometers
90153000000-00-000Levels For Surveying
90154000000-00-000Photogrammetrical, Surveying Instruments And Appliances
901580**000-**-000Other Instruments And Appliances For Meteorological... Purposes, Nes
90158010000-10-000Other Instruments And Appliances For Meteorological... Purposes, Nes
90158090000-90-000Other Instruments And Appliances For Meteorological... Purposes, Nes
90159000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Surveying... Instruments/Apparatus Of 90.15
9016Balances of a sensitivity of 5cg or better,with or without weights
90160000000-00-000Balances Of A Sensitivity Of 5cg Or Better, With Or Without Weights
9017Drawing, marking-out... instruments; instruments for measuring length...
90171000000-00-000Drafting Tables And Machines, Wheather Or Not Automatic
90172000000-00-000Other drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments:
90173000000-00-000Micrometers, Calipers And Gauges
90178090000-90-000Other Instruments
90179000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Drawing/Measuring Instruments Of 90.17
9018Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental... sciences
90181200000-00-000Ultrasonic Scanning Apparatus
90181300000-00-000Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus
90181400000-00-000Scintigraphic Apparatus
901819**000-**-000Other Electro-Diagnostic Apparatus Nes
90181910000-10-000Other Electro-Diagnostic Apparatus Nes
90181990000-90-000Other Electro-Diagnostic Apparatus Nes
90182000000-00-000Ultra-Violet Or Infra-Red Apparatus, For Medical, Surgical... Sciences
90183110000-10-000Prefilled glass/plastic syringes with needles, needles shield, plunger and rubber stoppe
90183120000-20-000Portable infusion pump (syringe driver)
90183130000-30-000Plastic syringe with or without needles
90183140000-40-000Auto disable syringe
90183190000-90-000Syringes, NES
90183200000-00-000Tubular Metal Needles And Needles For Sutures, For Medical... Sciences
9018391*000-1*-000Infusion set with or without IV fluid bag
90183911000-11-000Infusion set with or without IV fluid bag
90183912000-12-000Blood transfusion set
90183913000-13-000Feeding tube
90183914000-14-000IV cannulae
90183915000-15-000Scalp vein set
90183916000-16-000Suction catheter
90183917000-17-000Blood Lancet
90183919000-19-000Infusion set with or without IV fluid bag
90183920000-20-000Insulin Pen/Insulin cartridge
90183930000-30-000Urine drainage bag
90183940000-40-000FISTULA NEEDLE
90183990000-90-000Other syringes, needles, catheters, cannulae and the like
90184100000-00-000Dental Drill Engines......Equipments
90184900000-00-000Instruments And Appliances Used In Dental Sciences (Excl. Drill Engines)
90185000000-00-000Other Ophthalmic Instruments And Appliances
90189010000-10-000Biology Boxes
90189020000-20-000Kidney Dialysis Machines/Baby Incubator
90189030000-30-000Angiographic catheter wire, guidy catheter wire....balloons, stents
9019Mechano-therapy appliances; massage apparatus... respiration apparatus
90191010000-10-000Mechano-Therapy Appliances
90191020000-20-000Massage Apparatus
90191090000-90-000Mechano-Therapy Appliances;Massage Apparatus;Psychological Appatatus Nes.
90192010000-10-000Oxygen-Therapy And Artificial Respiration Apparatus Incld. Heart/Lung ....
90192090000-90-000Ozone Therapy,Oxygen Therapy,Aerosol Therapy,Respiration Apparatus Nes.
9020Other breathing appliances and gas masks
90200000000-00-000Other Breathing Appliances And Gas Masks
9021Orthopaedic appliances; splints, etc; artificial parts of the body, etc
90212100000-00-000Artificial Teeth
90212900000-00-000Dental Fittings (Excl. Artificial Teeth)
90213100000-00-000ARTIFICIAL JOINTS
90214000000-00-000Hearing Aids (Excl. Parts And Accessories)
90215000000-00-000Pacemakers For Stimulating Heart Muscles (Excl. Parts And Accessories)
90219010000-10-000Heart Valve
90219090000-90-000Other Parts And Accessories Of Articles And Apparatus Of 90.21 Nes
9022Apparatus based on x-rays or on alpha, beta or gamma radiation, etc
90221200000-00-000Computed Tomography Apparatus,Based On The Use Of X-Rays
90221300000-00-000Apparatus Based On The Use Of X-Rays,Nes, For Dental Uses
90221400000-00-000Apparatus Based On Use Of X-Rays,Nes,For Medical/Surgical/Veterinary Uses
90221900000-00-000Apparatus Based On The Use Of X-Rays, Nes
90222100000-00-000Apparatus Of Alpha, Beta Or Gamma Radiations For Medical... Uses
90222900000-00-000Apparatus Of Alpha, Beta Or Gamma Radiations, Nes
90223000000-00-000X-Ray Tubes
90229000000-00-000X-Ray Generators..., Screens..., Parts And Accessories Of 90.22
9023Instruments, apparatus and models designed for demonstrational purposes
90230000000-00-000Instruments, Apparatus And Models Designed For Demonstrational Purposes
9024Machines/appliances for testing the hardness, strength... of material
90241000000-00-000Machines/Appliances For Testing The Hardness, Strength... Of Metals
902480**000-**-000Other Machines/Appliances For Testing... Materials (Excl. Metals)
90248010000-10-000Other Machines/Appliances For Testing... Materials (Excl. Metals)
90248090000-90-000Other Machines/Appliances For Testing... Materials (Excl. Metals)
90249000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Machines For Testing... Materials Of 90.24
9025Hydrometers... thermometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygrometers...
90251100000-00-000Thermometers/Pyrometrs,Not Comb.With Other Instrs,Liquid,For Direct Readng
90251900000-00-000Thermometers/Pyrometrs,Not Comb.With Other Instrumts,Not Liquid-Filled Nes
90258000000-00-000Oth.Instruments Hydrometers,Pyrometers, Hygrometers, Etc, And Combinations
90259000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Hydrometers... Thermometers, Etc, Of 90.25
9026Instruments/apparatus for measuring the flow... of liquid or gases, nes
90261000000-00-000Instruments... For Measuring/Checking The Flow Or Level Of Liquids, Nes
90262000000-00-000Instruments... For Measuring Or Checking Pressure
90268000000-00-000Oth.Instruments... For Measuring Or Checking Variables Of Liquids Or Gas
90269000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Instruments For Measuring Flows... Of 90.26
9027Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, etc
90271000000-00-000Gas Or Smoke Analysis Apparatus
90272000000-00-000Chromatographs And Electrophoresis Instruments
90273000000-00-000Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers... Using Optical Radiations
90275000000-00-000Instruments And Apparatus Using Optical Radiations, Nes
90278000000-00-000Instruments And Apparatus For Physical Or Chemical Analysis, Nes
90279000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Instruments For Analysis Of 90.27
9028Gas, liquid or electricity supply or production meters
90281000000-00-000Gas Meters
90282000000-00-000Liquid Meters
90283010000-10-000Kilowatt-Hour Meter
90283020000-20-000Pre-payment, programmable m.function elec. programmable multitariff elec. kwh meter
90283090000-90-000Electricity Meters Nes.
90289010000-10-000Gas, Liquid & Electricity Meters, Of Kilowatthour meter
90289020000-20-000Parts of prepayment kwh meter prgrmble,multifuction,kwh mtr,prgmble multitrf,kwh
90289090000-90-000Gas, Liquid & Electricity Meters, Excl. Kilowatthour meter
9029Revolution counters, etc; speedometers and tachometers; strobescopes
90291010000-10-000Fare Meters For Exclusive Use In Taxicabs Or Auto Rickshaws
90291090000-90-000Revolution Or Producton Counters,Taximeters,Mileometers,Pedometers, Nes
90292000000-00-000Stroboscopes; speed indicators and tachometers
90299000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Revolution Counters, Etc, Of 90.29
9030Instruments... for measuring electrical quantities and radiations
90301000000-00-000Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Detecting Ionising Radiations
90302000000-00-000Cathode-Ray Oscilloscopes And Cathode-Ray Oscillographs
90303200000-00-000 Other inst and appt, for measr or chking volt, cur., resis.or power : Multim.
90303300000-00-000Other inst and appt, for measr or chk volt, cur., resis.or power : Multim. wit
90303900000-00-000Instruments... For Measu./Check. Volt.,Current, with a recoding device
90304000000-00-000Measuring/Checking Instruments/Apparatus For Telecommunications
90308200000-00-000Instruments For Measuring Or Checking Semiconductor Wafers Or Devices
90308400000-00-000Other instruments & apparatus with a recording device
90308900000-00-000Instruments... For Measuring/Checking Electronic Gain Etc, Nes
90309000000-00-000Parts/Accessories Of Electrical... Measuring... Instruments Of 90.30
9031Measuring or checking instruments, appliances and machines, nes
90311000000-00-000Machines for balancing mechanical parts
90312000000-00-000Test Benches
90314100000-00-000Instruments For Inspecting Semiconductor Wafers/Devices/Photomasks/Reticls
90314900000-00-000Optical Instruments And Appliances For Measuring Or Checking, Nes
90318000000-00-000Instruments, Appliances And Machines For Measuring Or Checking, Nes
90319000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Measuring Instruments... Nes, Of 90.31
9032Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus
90328100000-00-000Automatic Regulating... Instruments/Apparatus, Hydraulic Or Pneumatic
90328900000-00-000Automatic Regulating Or Controlling Instruments And Apparatus, Nes
90329000000-00-000Parts And Accessories Of Automatic Regulating Devices Of 90.32
9033Parts and accessories, nes, for machines, appliances, etc, of chapter 90
90330000000-00-000Parts And Accessories, Nes, For Machines, Appliances, Etc, Of Chapter 90