Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 80

HeadingArticle Description
80Tin and articles thereof
8001Unwrought tin
80011000000-00-000Tin, Not Alloyed, Unwrought
80012000000-00-000Tin Alloys, Unwrought
8002Tin waste and scrap
80020000000-00-000Tin Waste And Scrap
8003Tin bars, rods, profiles and wire
80030000000-00-000Tin bars, rods, profiles and wire
8004Tin plates, sheets and strip, of a thickness >=0.2mm
8005Tin foil, <0.2mm thick without backing; tin powders and flakes
8006Tin tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings
8007Other articles of tin, nes
80070010000-10-000Other Articles Of Tin, Nes, Castings And Forgings Not Further Worked
80070020000-20-000Parts Of Machinery Of Tin
80070090000-90-000Other Articles Of Tin, Nes