Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 65

HeadingArticle Description
65Headgear and parts thereof
6501Hat-forms, hat bodies and hoods of felt; plateaux and manchons of felt
65010000000-00-000Hat-Forms, Hat Bodies And Hoods Of Felt; Plateaux And Manchons Of Felt
6502Hat-shapes, plaited or made by assembling strips of any material
65020000000-00-000Hat-Shapes, Plaited Or Made By Assembling Strips Of Any Material
6503Felt hats and other felt headgear, made from the hat bodies, hoods, etc
6504Hats and other headgear, plaited or assembled by strips of any material
65040000000-00-000Hats And Other Headgear, Plaited Or Assembled By Strips Of Any Material
6505Hats and other headgear, kintted or crocheted...; hair-nets, etc
65050000000-00-000Hats and other headgear, knitted or crocheted, . trimmed; hair-nets of any material, wh
6506Other headgear
65061000000-00-000Safety Headgear
65069100000-00-000Hats And Other Headgear, Of Rubber Or Plastics
65069900000-00-000Hats And Other Headgear, Nes
6507Head-bands, linings, covers, hat foundations, etc, for headgear
65070000000-00-000Head-Bands, Linings, Covers, Hat Foundations, Etc, For Headgear