Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 64

HeadingArticle Description
64Footwear, gaiters and the like; parts of such articles
6401Waterproof footwear...
64011000000-00-000Waterproof Footwear Incorporating A Protective Metal Toe-Cap...
64019200000-00-000Waterproof Footwear Covering The Ankle But Not The Knee
64019900000-00-000Waterproof Footwear Nes.
6402Other footwear with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics
64021200000-00-000Ski-Boots,Cross-Country Ski Footwear/Snowboard Boots,Of Rubber Or Plastics
64021900000-00-000Sport Footwear, Nes, Of Rubber Or Plastics
64022000000-00-000Footwear With Upper Straps/Thongs Plugged Into Soles,Of Rubber Or Plastics
64029100000-00-000Footwear, Nes, Covering The Ankle Of Rubber Or Plastics
64029900000-00-000Footwear, Nes, Exl. Covering The Ankle, Of Rubber Or Plastics
6403Footwear, with rubber, plastics, leather... soles, leather uppers
64031200000-00-000Ski-Boots,Snowbrd Boots,With Rubber,Plastics,Leather Soles,& Leather Upper
64031900000-00-000Sports Footwear, With Rubber, Plastics, Leather...Soles, Leather Uppers
64032000000-00-000Footwear With Leather Soles And Straps (Over Instep, Around Big Toe)
64034000000-00-000Footwear, With A Metal Toe-Cap, Leather Uppers
64035100000-00-000Footwear With Leather Soles And Uppers, Covering The Ankle
64035900000-00-000Footwear With Leather Soles And Uppers, Not Covering The Ankle
64039100000-00-000Footwear With Rubber... Soles And Leather Uppers, Covering The Ankle,Nes
64039900000-00-000Footwear With Rubber... Soles, Leather Uppers, Not Covering The Ankle
6404Footwear with rubber, plastic, leather soles and textile uppers
64041100000-00-000Sports Shoes, Etc, With Rubber Or Plastic Soles And Textile Uppers
64041900000-00-000Sports Footwear, With Rubber Or Plastic Soles And Textile Uppers
64042000000-00-000Footwear With Leather Or Composition Leather Soles And Textile Uppers
6405Other footwear, nes
64051000000-00-000Footwear, Nes, With Leather Or Composition Leather Uppers
64052000000-00-000Footwear, Nes, With Textile Uppers
64059000000-00-000Footwear, Nes
6406Parts of footwear; removable in-soles, etc; gaiters, leggings, etc
64061010000-10-000Uppers And Parts Thereof (Excl. Stiffeners) Imp. By VAT reg. footwear manu.ind.
64061090000-90-000Uppers And Parts Thereof (Excl. Stiffeners), NES
64062010000-10-000Outer Soles And Heels Of Rubber Or Plastics Imp. By VAT reg. footwear manu.ind.
64062090000-90-000Other outer soles and heels, of rubber or plastics
64069000000-00-000Other Parts of footwear