Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 34

HeadingArticle Description
34Soap, organic surface active agents, washing and lubricating prep., artificial or prepared waxes, polishing or scouring prep., candles and similar, modelling pastes, dental waxes and prep. with basis of plaster
3401Soap; organic surface-active products in bars, etc; paper with soap,etc
34011100000-00-000Soap And Organic Surface-Active Products In Bars, Etc, For Toilet Use
34011900000-00-000Soap And Organic Surface-Active Products In Bars, Etc, Nes
34012000000-00-000SOAP IN OTHER FORMS
3402Non-soap surface-active agents; washing preparations, nes
340211**000-**-000Anionic surface-active agents, (excl. soap)
34021110000-10-000Anionic surface-active agents, (excl. soap)
34021190000-90-000Anionic surface-active agents, (excl. soap)
34021200000-00-000Cationic Surface-Active Agents, (Excl. Soap)
340213**000-**-000Non-Ionic Surface-Active Agents, (Excl. Soap)
34021300000-00-000Non-Ionic Surface-Active Agents, (Excl. Soap)
340219**000-**-000Organic surface-active agents, (excl. soap), nes
34021910000-10-000Organic surface-active agents, (excl. soap), nes
34021990000-90-000Organic surface-active agents, (excl. soap), nes
34022000000-00-000Washing And Cleaning Preparations, Put Up For Retail Sale upto 2.5kg
34029020000-20-000Cleaning preparation for steel industries
34029030000-30-000Cleaning preparation imported by industrial IRC holder VAT compliant paper mills
34029090000-90-000Washing & Cleaning Preparations (Excl. Detergents)
3403Lubricating preparations, etc (excl. those of >=70% petroleum oil)
34031100000-00-000Lub.Preparations For Treatement Of Tex.Leather Etc With=<70% Petroleum Oil
34031900000-00-000Other Lubricating Preparations, With =<70% Petroleum Oil, Nes
34039100000-00-000Lub.Preparations For Treatement Of Tex. Leather Etc, Nes
340399**000-**-000Other Lubricating Preparations, Nes
34039910000-10-000Other Lubricating Preparations, Nes
34039990000-90-000Other Lubricating Preparations, Nes
3404Artificial waxes and prepared waxes
34042000000-00-000Artificial Waxes Of Polyethylene Glycol
340490**000-**-000Artificial Waxes And Prepared Waxes, Nes
34049010000-10-000Artificial Waxes And Prepared Waxes, Nes
34049090000-90-000Artificial Waxes And Prepared Waxes, Nes
3405Polishes and creams, etc, for footwear, etc, excluding waxes of 34.04
34051000000-00-000Polishes, Creams And Similar Preparations For Footwear Or Leather
34052000000-00-000Polishes,Cream.&Similar Prepa.For Mainten. Of Woodwork Woden Fur.Flo.&Othr
34053000000-00-000Polishes And Similar Preparations For Coachwork (Excl. Metal Polishes)
34054000000-00-000Scouring Pastes And Powders And Other Scouring Preparations
34059010000-10-000Polishes and other preparations used in the finishing (including electroplating) of met
34059090000-90-000Other polishes, creams and similar preparations, nes
3406Candles, tapers and the like
34060000000-00-000Candles, Tapers And The Like
3407Modelling pastes; dental wax and impression compounds, for retail sale
34070000000-00-000Modelling Pastes; Dental Wax And Impression Compounds, For Retail Sale