Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 33

HeadingArticle Description
33Essential oils and resinoid; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
3301Essential oils...; resinoids; concentrates... aqueous distillates, etc
33011200000-00-000Essential Oils Of Orange (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes)
33011300000-00-000Essential Oils Of Lemon (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes)
33011900000-00-000Essential Oils Of Citrus Fruit (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes), Nes
33012400000-00-000Essential Oils Of Peppermint (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes)
33012500000-00-000Essential Oils Of Mints (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes), Nes
33012900000-00-000Essential Oils (Incl. Concretes And Absolutes), Nes
33019000000-00-000Concentrates of essential oils in fats... aqueous distillates, extracted oleoresins etc
3302Mixtures of odoriferous substances used as raw materials in industry
33021010000-10-000Of A Kind Usd.Bvg.manf.&Imp.by VAT Reg.Bev.Inds.Contn.Alchol<0.5%absolute/vlm.Free Al
33021090000-90-000Mix. Of Odoriferous Subs. Excl. Those Used In Bev. Industries
33029000000-00-000Mixtures/With Basis Of Odorifer'S Subst'S Inc.Alc.Sol'S For Use In Ind Nes
3303Perfumes and toilet waters
33030000000-00-000Perfumes And Toilet Waters
3304Beauty, make-up, skin-care (incl. suntan), manicure... preparations
33041000000-00-000Lip Make-Up Preparations
33042000000-00-000Eye Make-Up Preparations
33043000000-00-000Manicure Or Pedicure Preparations
33049100000-00-000Powders,Whether Or Not Compressed,For Beauty/Makeup/Skin Care/Preparation
33049900000-00-000Beauty, Make-Up, Skin-Care (Incl. Suntan), Reparations Nes
3305Preparations for use on the hair
33052000000-00-000Preparations For Permanent Waving Or Straightening
33053000000-00-000Hair Lacquers
33059000000-00-000Preparations For Use On The Hair, Nes
3306Preparations for oral or dental hygiene (incl. denture fixative)
33062000000-00-000Yarn Used To Clean Between Teeth (Dental Floss),Individual Retail Packages
33069000000-00-000Preparations For Oral Or Dental Hygiene (Incl. Denture Fixative), Nes
3307Shaving preparations, personal deodorants, etc, nes; room deodorizers
33071000000-00-000Pre-Shave, Shaving Or After-Shave Preparations
33072000000-00-000Personal Deodorants And Antiperspirants
33073000000-00-000Perfumed Bath Salts And Other Bath Preparations
33074100000-00-000Agarbatti And Other Odiferous Preparations Which Operate By Burning
33074900000-00-000Preparations For Deodorizing Rooms, Nes