Harmonised Tariff of Bangladesh Customs

Chapter 13

HeadingArticle Description
13Lac; gums, resins and other vegetable saps and extracts
1301Lac; natural gums, resins, gum-resins, and balsams
13012000000-00-000Gum Arabic
13019000000-00-000Natural gums, resins, gum-resins,natural oleoresesins and balsams (excl. gum arabic)
1302Vegetable saps and extracts derived from vegetable products
13021100000-00-000Opium Vegetable Sap For Pharma
13021200000-00-000Liquorice Sap And Extract
13021300000-00-000Hop Sap And Extract
13021400000-00-000Vegetable saps and extracts: Of ephedra
13021900000-00-000Other Vegetable Saps And Extracts,Nes(Exl.Opium,Liquorice,Hops,Pyrethrum).
13022000000-00-000Pectic Substances, Pectinates And Pectates
13023200000-00-000Mucilages And Thickeners Of Locust Beans, Bean Seeds And Guar Seeds
13023900000-00-000Mucilages&Thickeners,Derived From Veg.Prod.(Ex.Locastbeans/Seeds,Guarseeds